Anxious three year old boy trapped in a car at a housing estate in Pasir Gudang

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Soveena | 19-03-2021 12:15 PM

A three-year-old boy was trapped for almost 10 minutes when the car he was riding in was locked from the inside at an incident at a housing estate in Pasir Gudang, on March 18 afternoon.

Pasir Gudang Fire and Rescue Station (BBP) head, Deputy Fire Superintendent II Ibrahim Omar said, they received an emergency call from the child's family members at 12.11 noon.

An FRT machine and an EMRS machine from BBP Pasir Gudang with the manpower of 10 members were then rushed to the scene.

“When the Operations Output Team (PKO) arrived at the scene, we found the child alone and trapped in a car that was locked from the inside, but the engine had not been turned off.

"We then acted to open the locked car door with special equipment and managed to remove the victim in a safe condition," he said.

Luckily the fire and rescue team managed to save the child. Everyone should be reminded not to leave your child or pets in the car unattended, as it could cause suffocation.

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