Geely Auto’s Vision Starburst, Charting The Way For A Stellar Future

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Afiq Saha | 30-06-2021 01:30 PM

Presenting the future on four wheels, Geely Auto’s Vision Starburst exhibits futuristic stylings that pushes the boundaries of technology and innovation into a new digital frontier.

Vision Starburst’s inspiration emanated from Geely’s ‘Expanding Cosmos’ philosophy, which comes from the stellar phenomena where bright nebulas and magnificent elements come together.

Geely Design Shanghai’s vice president Guy Burgoyne commented, “The ‘Expanding Cosmos’ philosophy serves as a constant inspiration for our designers to discover a new and holistic design language that satisfies our ever-expanding and increasingly diverse range of customers. In search of this DNA in the new digital age, we have pushed the boundaries of technology and innovation. Like the birth of a new star, the ideas from our talented team of global designers combined, fused and erupted, resulting in the birth of a new design expression, a new vision, our Vision Starburst.”

Staying true to the idea, designers from Geely Design banded together throughout the design process to create unity between exterior and interior, colour and materials, and car and user.

Fixating on the Vision Starburst’s overall build, its silhouette portrays a twisted profile with curved surfaces that appear to rotate and stretch.

A design akin to the stellar rays and waves from the cosmos in which the contours and surfaces of the exterior folds and intertwine with each other.

For instance, the front end is where the Vision Starburst’s most striking visuals can be noticed, especially in the front grille and air intake vents’ design.

Its sharp and unique new parabolic pattern combined with the latest lighting design creates an effect that echoes the theme of energy releasing from a Starburst.

The whole vehicle visually extends from the centre towards the sides, up and down, giving the front end a more robust and three-dimensional presence.

Entirely, the Vision Starburst’s waistline, intertwining door panels and sharp lines make for bold shapes while hiding a hint of the concept’s grand vision of infinity.

Warping inside, the in-cabin door panels have been crafted with a design in mind to harmonise the interior’s theme with the exterior.

Dubbed the ‘Cosmic Ray’, an illuminated interior concept came to fruition, which is a design made up of light strips integrated into parts of the upholstery.

Notably, present on top of the floating centre console is the transmission shifter that takes on a hollow and aerodynamic geometric shape. 

Unifying with the overall interior ‘Cosmic Ray’ theme, it has four lines of light that illuminate to display different gear settings.

Moreover, the equipment fitted in the Vision Starburst blends flawlessly with the ambient lighting on the dash and door panels.

Thus, creating a borderless visual experience and a seemingly infinite intelligent cockpit space with the user at its centre.

Touching on the latter, its borderless instruments and seamless information transmission also redefine the way users interact with vehicles.

As such, Geely’s designers have engineered the vehicle to be capable of conveying vehicle and road information cleverly to increase safety and bring to life a whole new sensory experience.

Speaking of which, the Vision Starburst’s major designing factors emphasizes the whole Human-Machine Interface (HMI) concept inside and out.

Therefore, it is built with an exterior, interior ambient lighting, sound, and atmosphere that changes depending on the vehicle’s state.

With that, a function of different lighting effects illuminates the Vision Starburst when under states of charging, in motion, parking, et cetera.

Furthermore, the concept of showcasing advanced technology and mobility have also been applied to the illuminated wheel arches.

This concept conveys information to the users in a whole new manner, in which the lighting interaction from the outside gives users a sense of speed and a unique driving experience.

Albeit the Vision Starburst concept will not be made into a production vehicle, many aspects of the new design language will be taken and applied to future Geely Auto models.

Evidently, Geely Design’s commitment to pushing the design boundary never ceases to amaze, and the Vision Starburst is rocketing Geely Auto’s ‘Expanding Cosmos’ into a new direction.

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