Get to Know The Proton Saga Knight's Unique Retro-Modern Concept Designer!

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Soveena | 03-09-2021 03:15 PM

Earlier this month, Proton’s 1989 production car, the Proton Saga Knight, went viral after the car won first place at the ‘Festival of the Unexceptional’. 

This car has been a classic to many Malaysian citizens for generations! A redesigned model of the Proton Saga was revealed to the public in honour of Malaysia’s 64th Independence Day on August 31 during the ‘Design Webinar Session’. 

So who came up with the redesigned classic? This retro-futuristic concept was produced by Saharudin Busri, who once worked as a designer in the Proton Design division. Today, he is the Head of Industrial Design at MIMOS Berhad. Caricarz recently had the opportunity to interview him!

With almost 30 years of experience in automotive design, he started at UITM in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Art and Design from 1990 to 1994. 

Following that, he was appointed as a designer for Proton from 1994 to 2007. While at Proton, Saharudin received company sponsorship to further his studies at Coventry University from 1999-2000.

Throughout his thirteen years with Proton, his touch can be seen from the design of almost all Proton car models such as Wira, Exora, Tiara and more.

Although he is no longer with the company, he still contributes expertise over time as a consultant to those a part of the design team at Proton.

According to Saharudin, one of the inspirations for the modernization of this classic car came from a video game, Cyberpunk. In this video game, many retro cars of the 90s era are given a modern touch.

According to him, breathing new life into this car took around two to three weeks. The results of the project are used as examples of designs during online design art classes.

                                                                         The original design of the Proton Saga Knight

Overall, this car still retains the original shape of the Saga Knight yet looks more modern and futuristic. Noteworthy features include the blue elongated LED DRL lights and also the LED headlights with dotted lines.

The rear of the concept car design is also given the same touch through red horizontal LED strip lights. These lights are connected to a cluster of LEDs that serve as the car’s taillights.

                                                           The original design of the rear of the Proton Saga Knight

Another notable feature that makes this version of the model different from the original model is that the roofline slopes down further, making the C -pillar look more vertical. 

Moving on to the cabin, the Saga Knight concept car uses a combination of black and red theme colours inspired by a special edition watch produced by Ahmad Bostami of Artwist. Co.

The futuristic elements of the car can be seen from the widescreen digital panel, where several displays with different functions are connected in a single panel from the left to the right of the car dashboard. The display includes a cluster of instruments, infotainment, clock and navigation.

As for the design of the centre console, Saharudin used an element that is widely used by modern cars, namely the round dial button.

Check out his design video here:


Based on Saharudin's social media, many more of his works have been shown to the public. Here are some of the concept designs that have been produced:

Malaysian Electric Car Concept

Micro Car Concept

Malaysian Sports Car Concept

And many more! To see all his many designs check out Saharudin Busri on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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