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Jesica Sendai | 30-11-2021 12:15 PM

What inspires a car marque to invent their vehicles? A question that lands on my mind when eyeing incredible and sophisticated vehicles by Renault Group. 

I believe each car marque has its taste followed by rhythm to produce the best line-ups, especially in this century where rivalries are everywhere ready to unveil their latest accommodation. 

A distinctive approach by Renault Group is when the company gains inspirations and aspirations from a model set to fulfil customers' demands while retaining designs compatible with current technological advances.

“With these changes, aspirations, hopes, and fears, there are new needs, desires, and consumer expectations that are emerging or becoming more present,” said Renault Group trend manager at the customer intelligence department, Eric. 

Covid-19 has affected our daily lives and our way of interpreting ideas, especially those working in the automotive and industrial sectors, specifically.

“We have identified five major global trends that shape consumer behaviour. These trends challenge and inform the way we design and deliver vehicles, services, and mobility solutions.” Eric explained. 

Searching for authenticity in designing automobiles is a stepping stone to the Renault Group as one of their ways to identify preferable vehicles and bridge trust between a brand and consumers. 

Renault Group believes that consumers wanted companies to embrace human empathy and ethics, which could balance profitability and support between consumers and purchasers. 

Other than that, sustainability to the environment is vital to protecting the planet where most consumers seek more reliable and eco-friendly vehicles, such as the Renault ZOE car model. 

Renault has applied active empowerment in their strategy to champion social progress, tackling discrimination and developing partnerships to achieve a better future where it is normal for the company has practised for years.

Statistically, 47 percent of Europeans and North Americans believe “being true to oneself” has become familiar with personal success, or the more common term is self-betterment. 

Within the Renault Group, always striving to keep things simple and maintain efficiency could contribute to building a successful experience of products and services where Dacia has proven to be Renault’s best model that offers simplicity and elegance to the automotive world.

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