Caricarz’s Top 10 Standouts Of Wacky Concepts At The 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show

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Afiq Saha | 03-12-2021 01:30 PM

Many international motor shows were cancelled during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show was one event that remained unaffected by the setback.

Held each year in late November, it returned again and this year’s exhibition was filled with a number of wacky concept cars.

Sit tight and buckle-up, because as usual, CariCarz have another list of the remarkable vehicles that were featured and this time it's all about the concepts.

First up is the Buick GL8 Flagship Concept. Developed in Shanghai by SAIC and General Motors, it takes the minivan segment to the next level.

This futuristic luxury minivan showcases Buick’s next-generation design language with sleek styling and a plethora of smart technology.

It parades a two-tone paint, sharp overall silhouette, an illuminated grille, large multi-spoke alloy wheels and cascading tail-lights.

Furthermore, an extremely plush experience can be found inside, with a rotating passenger seat and a couch-like rear bench seat designed with ‘zero gravity suspension’ to ensure optimum comfort. 

Then, the dash features a 30-inch freestanding display, integrated steering wheel touchscreen and a full-width head-up display, with nearly all vehicle functions controllable through voice commands.

Buick claims the concept vehicle is fitted with Vehicle-to-X (V2X) technology, allowing the GL8 Flagship to interact between vehicles, people, infrastructure and the cloud.

Second concept is also from the same brand, and this one is called the Buick Smart Pod. It is another futuristic minivan concept that previews an autonomous people-mover of the future.

Built on the same Ultium EV platform as the Cadillac Lyriq, the Smart Pod is akin to the Porsche Vision Renndienst concept. 

At which, it adopts a weirdly positioned body-coloured windows, large alloy wheels and short overhangs. Its exterior also has micro-LED headlights and tail-lights that are hidden when not in use.

Inside, it offers sublime comfort for four passengers, where the Smart Pod features independent reclining rear seats with the ability to provide a bed-like sleep mode.

The concept is also fitted with a retractable 50-inch display, in addition to a virtual cockpit with artificial intelligence, voice commands and eye-tracking technology. 

Interestingly, unlike any other vehicles created thus far, the data provided on the head-up display can also be projected on the side windows.

Up next is the GAC Trumpchi Vision Emkoo, which got its debut at the auto show. This concept by GAC is headlined by its overall bold sci-fi design language.

As shown, it can be seen to incorporate a monstrous front grille with integrated LED lighting and a fastback-like rear end.

In addition, there's also hidden wheels and an interior design that was inspired by the shock wave from breaking the sound barrier.

Coming in fourth is the Honda e:N SUV and e:N Coupe. These concepts were designed to preview a number of Honda electric vehicles set to launch in China over the next five years.

These future defining e:N concepts demonstrate an angular styling approach with sharp fronts and rear futuristic lighting elements.

According to Honda, the two concepts underpins their new ‘e:N Architecture’ that will feature on a number of e:N-branded cars, with batteries set to be supplied by Chinese battery producer CATL.

Fifth on the list, the Hycan Concept S. It is designed as an electric four-door sports coupe and is primarily aimed for the younger demographics in China. 

Taking a gander at its silhouette, it adorns a front light bar stretching into a pair of sleek headlights and similarly-styled tail-lights that span across the entire rear end of the concept.

Moreover, its low-profile tyres are hidden behind large concept-like alloy wheels, while narrow side mirrors indicate a focus on aerodynamics.

Besides that, not much else is known about the Concept S, except that since the company was founded in 2019, it has launched two electric SUV models, called the 007 and the Z03.

Number six is the GWM King Kong Supercar Pickup Concept that is based on the GWM King Kong dual-cab ute unveiled at the motor show. 

Most notably, this concept version comes with a wide body kit, lowered suspension, large black alloy wheels with yellow rings and front camber, and a stylish rear sports bar.

Complementing the design concept are wider front fenders, aerodynamic side steps, a rear spoiler and chrome-finished claws below the regular King Kong’s headlights.

For some added flair, the Supercar Pickup Concept also gains dark tinted windows, quadruple exhaust pipes and a large rear diffuser.

Ranking in at the seventh spot is the Salon Mecha Dragon, which adds to the growing number of Great Wall Motors sub-brands.

Significantly, the Salon concept is the latest addition to a range of brands including GWM, Haval, Wey, Tank and Ora.

Being the first model from Salon, the Mecha Dragon is a near-production concept, which sports an 800-volt electric architecture with up to 480 kW of power and an 802 km range. 

Plus, with just 10 minutes of rapid fast-charging, it is capable of adding another 401 km of range to the vehicle.

Just like other vehicles revealed at the show, the Mecha Dragon features a number of individual widescreens spanning from wall-to-wall across the dashboard. 

On top of that, GWM claimed that the concept is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds.

Eight is another concept from Great Wall’s WEY brand, the WEY Yuanmeng. This is a rebadged version of the VW Beetle-inspired Ora Ballet Cat that was unveiled in China just a few months ago.

Sporting an overall shape akin to the Ora Ballet Cat, it stands out with a retro-inspired huge front grille finished in chrome that makes it look like a classic Americana vehicle out of the 1930s.

Accentuating the front end even more are chrome details around the circular headlights and the bumper, and also fitted are chromed wire wheels.

Flipping to the rear end, it features more chrome accents paired along with a large hump that serves as a storage compartment for luggage.

Whereas the exterior of the vehicle is very old-school, the interior is much more modern. It features a fully-digital instrument cluster, a large infotainment screen, and a third passenger screen.

There’s also a three-spoke steering wheel with tactile buttons and the dash sports five, round-like air vents and leather upholstery, giving the interior a luxurious feeling.

Ninth, the Monterey EV concept by Songsan Motors. Inspired by the jet-age American sedans of the ’50s, Songsan goes a step further by making its version all-electric. 

Inside, fitted with a full leather interior and a massive Fiat 500-style roll down roof exudes the car as a distinctly modern machine.

However, its real attraction lies in the exterior design. The shape, the vents, the hood ornament and the chrome accents on the side, all suggest that it mostly takes after the 1957 Buick Roadmaster.

Although it’s hard to tell precisely from the pictures, but the proportions of the Monterey actually look decent.

Paired with the giant chromed wheels, this car’s layout looks less compromised, more cohesive and intentional.

Lastly, filling up the tenth spot is another concept from Songsan Motors called the SS GT. This retro-styled electric sedan is a four-door coupe that has Lamborghini-like front scissor doors.

Overall, the SS GT looks much more modern with a curvy bodywork, bloated fenders, twisty shut lines, and aggressive full-width LED lights on both ends.

Sporting a flashy bright-orange paint job and chromed-out wheels, the concept stands at 5,000 mm long, 2,000 mm wide, and 1,456 mm tall.

Like all of its previous vehicles, the SS GT is based on BYD underpinnings. In particular, its body hides the platform of the BYD Han electric sedan.

Performance-wise, the company claimed that it has an 800 km electric range thanks to a larger 100 kWh battery pack. 

Equipped with dual electric motors, it generates a combined output of 516 hp (385 kW / 523 PS) and 700 Nm of torque, allowing a 0 to 100 km/h dash in 3.8 seconds.

Interior-wise, it features leather upholstery on the seats, grey carpets, and a rather basic design for the dashboard that has Songsan Motors lettering in a large white font.

While this vehicle is still in its concept form, the company suggests it is destined for production with an estimated price tag of YEN 298,000 (RM 11,059).

All in all, these 10 machines wrap-up our list of some of the noteworthy wild concepts that debuted at this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show.

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