Bentley Charges To Another Record Year, A Double-Digit Growth In All Markets

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Afiq Saha | 10-02-2022 12:00 PM

Rounding up 2021 with total sales of 14,659, Bentley Motors noted an increase of 31 percent over the previous record year, which was 11,206 in 2020.

This significant triumph was driven by new model introductions, a fresh product portfolio and a growing demand for Bentley’s new hybridised models.

Speaking of which, the success of this new hybrid option ensured the Bentayga remained as Bentley’s number one model, selling more in its fifth year of sales than ever before.

Furthermore, a full year of the Flying Spur sales around the world and the introduction of the Continental GT Speed, among 11 new derivatives launched, added to this success. 

That’s not all, in addition to the Bentayga’s 40 percent share, the Continental GT added 33 percent of total sales, split between 60 percent coupe and 40 percent convertible. 

With the highly anticipated market entry of the Hybrid imminent, the Flying Spur’s 27 percent of total sales are expected to grow even further in 2022.  

Notably, the Americas upheld its position as the biggest selling global market, selling more than ever before, whereas China almost matched this performance for the first time in a decade. 

Combined, the Americas and China contributed more than half, that is 56 percent of Bentley’s total global sales.

Bentley Motors’ chairman and chief executive officer, Adrian Hallmark, expressed, “2021 was yet another year of unpredictability though I am delighted to be able to confirm that we overcame significant headwinds, and deliver a breakthrough in our sales performance. This is our second record sales year in the successive years and is a positive sign of our brand strength, operational excellence, strong global demand and affirmation of our strategic priorities.”

To shoot some numbers, the Americas region delivered 4,212 cars, an increase of 39 percent on the corresponding figure for 2020, which was 3,035. 

Making the region as Bentley’s number one market, this strong performance was boosted by the introduction of the Continental GT Speed and a full year of sales of the Flying Spur.

Then, over on the other side of the world, Bentley’s biggest growth for the second consecutive year accumulated in China. 

Posting a sales increase of 40 percent, 4,033 cars, against 2,880 in 2020, as the traditional four-door market maintained strong sales of the Flying Spur and Bentayga.     

Travelling up to Europe, it closed the year with the delivery of 2,520 cars, against a figure of 2,193 in 2020, a modest 15 percent increase driven by evenly split sales across model lines. 

In Bentley’s home market in the UK, the brand continued its consistent strong performance, recording sales of 1,328 cars, representing an increase of 14 percent over the previous year.

For the Middle East, Bentley managed to deliver a total of 915 cars in 2021, against a total of 735 the previous year.

Finally, the Asia Pacific region posted an increase of 37 percent and a record performance, delivering 1,651 cars, against 1,203 sold in 2020.

Hallmark concluded, “The reaction to the market introduction of the Bentayga Hybrid and anticipation for the Flying Spur Hybrid demonstrates the path the luxury sector is heading, and we are positioned firmly at the forefront. These numbers are validation that we not only lead the sector in sales and market share, but also investment in electric technologies and commitment to being the first fully electrified and zero carbon luxury car company in the world.” 

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