BMW iX EV SUV Scores Full Five-Star Rating In The Euro NCAP Safety Assessment

Anis | 07-02-2022 03:15 PM
Ever since its debut, the iX EV SUV has been receiving tons of outcries online concerning its physical build, even though some folks say the iX looks better in person than it does in photos and videos.

Setting aside the matter of looks, BMW Group just announced that the car has just received a full five-star rating in the Euro NCAP safety assessment that was recently “intensified” under the new 2020 test standards!

It has also been reported that the BMW iX is one of the highest-scoring vehicles within the “Large Off-road” category. The model even scored five stars in all four categories in the assessment.
In addition, the iX’s new interactive airbag between the driver and front passenger seats allows the car to score a total of 91% in the category of adult occupant protection tests. For your information, the new interactive airbag promises additional protection against injury in the event of a side collision.

In terms of child safety, several points were deducted from the iX EV SUV for the failure to provide ISOFIX mounts on the front passenger seat and the rear centre seat. But, it still manages to score the highest possible mark for both frontal and side collisions.

The BMW iX's advanced driver assistance technologies contributed to the fully-electric SUV receiving five stars in both the "vulnerable road users" and "safety assist" tests. In the case of the former, there's also an Active Bonnet function that, in the event of a collision, automatically sets off (with pyrotechnics, no less) to help protect road users' heads.

BMW also assures that the iX’s construction already considers its passenger’s safety and protection on top of the advanced restraint systems and tech smarts. There’s an aluminium spaceframe concept with a carbon cage for the passenger compartment and the “particularly torsion-resistant” carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) components installed in the roof, side, and rear sections of the SUV.

“The BMW iX sets new standards in sustainability, and its top rating of five stars in the Euro NCAP underlines the vehicle’s comprehensive sustainability concept,” says BMW Head of Vehicle Safety, Dominik Schuster.

“The extremely stable body structure and the extended range of restraint systems ensure an outstanding level of occupant protection. In addition, the BMW iX scores highly both in the test programme and in everyday driving with innovative driver assistance systems that significantly reduce the risk of accidents in a wide array of situations.”

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