A Quiet Zipping Electric Crossover - VOLVO XC40 EV

Jesica Sendai | 23-03-2022 12:00 PM

When it comes to driving an EV crossover, what would be the first thing that pops up in your mind? Could it be the performance? Design? Or even safety? 

Here in Caricarz, we have the results based on our own experience driving the all-new Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric. Not long ago, we got to test out the crossover involving lots of electrifying sensations in a one-day trip. 

It was Thursday, March 17, 2022, when we gathered at The Club Saujana Hotel for Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric test drive. 

A Scandinavian design crossover with dual powertrain and claims to range up to 418km on a single charge running on an entire electric all-wheel-drive powertrain. 

After we had our breakfast done and a briefing session covering a speech from the managing director of Volvo Car Malaysia, Charles Frump and Sharon, the product manager of VCM, a group photo session is a must before the mega drive begins.

Embarking our journey from Subang Jaya with a Crystal White Pearl XC40 model, built like a tank with 95 percent battery percentage. At first glance, Volvo XC40 offers a fascia adorned with its signature front grille, LED headlamps, and LED taillamps. Splashing all-white vibes in the city adding to its glorious 19-inch wheels looks. 

Stepping into the pilot seat while eyeing its widescreen of the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and nine-inch infotainment system with Google’s built-in system costs gratitude to Volvo’s high-tech styles. 

It did not take long to adapt to One Pedal Driving mode as driving is smoother in my preferences. Ofcourse, you could either drive in conventional mode or choose to save your energy by using a pedal that acts as braking when we usually step on the brake pedal itself.

The next pit stops after a few with 74 percent battery count, we manoeuvred through motorway construction sites, yet the vehicle takes it well. Continuing the trip to have our lunch at Embun Villa as the place portrays tranquillity and beautiful scenery suits Volvo’s concept of conserving nature.  

Thanks to Volvo safety features, the lane-keeping assist system helps the crossover stay in the middle of the lane whenever I tend to be off lane. Excellent radar system and 360 rearview camera are good things to have as you get to see the image from its digital screen.

Apart from a yellow indicator that appears as a warning indicator when speeding up, the engine noise produces minimal sound. In contrast, it is hard to tell whether you are speeding or not when the driving is quiet, although the speedometer hikes from 110 to 120.

Heading back to Subang Jaya after spending the day at Genting Highland as a passenger instead, you would notice a sleek dashboard layout at the front and roomy seats adds on to premium comfort level or maybe it's the lunch earlier. 

A tissue box also located in the middle where I get to rest my arm and notably a trash bin came along with it. Families with children would find it resourceful when you have kids that spill any drinks or food and making it easier to clean up then just stash it away. 

There's a Qi wireless charger bay and USB C-Port all along. Unfortunately, there is no Apple Car Play but not an issue when you have Bluetooth connection and Hey Google.

When we opened the front part to check on the engine looks, beneath was another layer of  storage compartment where perhaps I could smuggle some Durian inside, which an attempt to block any strong smells from entering the cabin. 

Apart from the 413 litres boot space at the back, the front trunk also offers 31 litres of storage space. 

Was lurking over to the boots while searching for a spare tyre, and there’s an only a tyre repair kit. Yup, there is no extra tyre compartment. Among its practicality goes to powered tailgate as split-folding boot floor is integrated at the back. 

Driving back to Subang Jaya left us with approximately 43 battery percentages after around 200 miles range. According to Volvo’s driving instructor, the whole journey we took from within the day costs us below RM15.00 without stopping at any charging stations.

On all accounts, a thumbs up to Volvo upon its improvised navigation system and refined dual power setup. Acceleration is not what we're looking for here yet with a quick steering response you can say that we're in good hands. 

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