Bentley’s Sector-Defining Continental GT Grand Tourer, Conquering Awards In Three Countries

Afiq Saha | 20-03-2022 11:00 AM

Cruising into 2022 with a hat-trick, Bentley’s sector-defining grand tourer, the Continental GT, secured three coveted awards in three major markets, the USA, UK and Germany.

First and foremost, the ‘Car of the Year’ award by Robb Report, which was bestowed to the Continental GT for the third time since the introduction of the car in the USA in 2004.

The event was held in Napa, California and Boca Raton, Florida, where the Bentley Continental GT Speed topped the field of ten vehicles to snag the accolade.

Notably, the judging panel was made up of 178 readers including Robb Report's automotive editorial staff who evaluate the competing cars in five categories.

Said standards are based on looks, performance, luxury and comfort, utility, and intangible tiebreakers such as ‘wow-factor’ and collectability.

The model was praised highly by Robb Report’s judges on its high level of performance and luxury, claiming it to be “A quantum leap from the original.”

They furthered stating, “The four-wheel steering is what made all the difference in the world,” and “This car sparks joy at every turn and every press of the gas pedal.”

Second award teleports Bentley to the UK, where the Continental GT V8 was praised by WhatCar? at the 2022 Car of the Year Awards and was titled ‘Best High-End Coupé’. 

According to WhatCar?, “The Continental GT’s combination of pace, pampering and presence simply can’t be matched. Could there be a more decadent way to get around, we seriously doubt it.”

Then Bentley travels over to Germany for its third honour, where the Continental GT was crowned with the luxury class category in Auto Motor und Sport’s long standing ‘Best Cars’ awards.

Remarkably, to decide the final outcome, more than 100,000 readers voted over 12 different categories and across a total of 386 models.

That said, the third generation Continental GT epitomizes the pinnacle of Bentley’s award-winning two-door design and engineering triumphs. 

Naturally sophisticated with muscular sculpture and sharp definition, the design and materials of the Continental GT combine to create truly breath-taking masterpieces.

With a choice of powertrains, one of the most extensive colour palettes in the world and with almost limitless interior options, its unique configurations are only limited by the imagination. 

In short, production of the Continental GT rounds up to 85,000 individual examples to date and the grand tourer brings with it a possibility of 56 billion award winning configurations.

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