Cross Border EV Charging Service, Singapore & Malaysia

Jesica Sendai | 20-04-2022 02:15 PM

Good news to all Singaporean! 

As viral on the internet, the recent case of a Singaporean plate number was found stealing electricity for its electric van at DC Shell Recharge high performance charging (HPC) station in Tangkak Johor has lead us to a SOLUTION, perhaps? 

Currently, Singapore and Malaysia have bonded through a partnership falls under Go by Singaporean energy firm City Energy as well as Malaysia company EV Connection (EVC).

As a result, the collaboration has introduced a cross-border EV charging network which users may utilise it via Go mobile apps. 

Starting 19 April onwards, Go drivers may access to EV Connection’s network of charge points in Malaysia. 

Check on this video

EV Connection is one of Malaysia’s pioneers in electric vehicle charging solutions and an authorised EV charging station distributor registered with Suruhanjaya Tenaga, CIDB, Tenaga Nasional Berhad and MyHijau. 

With both standard AC chargers and faster DC chargers, Go charge points will also be available for residents at another 11 private condominiums in located in Singapore. 

Olloi in Marine Parade (May 2022)

Jadescape in Marymount (July 2022)

Parc Komo in Changi (Q1 2023)

Van Holland in Holland Village (April 2023)

Kopar at Newton in Newton (Jan 2024)

The M Condo in Bugis (Q1 2024)

Forett at Bukit Timah in Bukit Timah (October 2024)

North Gaia in Yishun (January 2025)

The Arden in Bukit Batok (January 2026)

A Treasure Trove in Punggol and North Park Residences in Yishun

Founder of EV Connection and managing director of JomCharge, Mr. Lee Yuen How, commented that EV Connection strives to lead the green industry in Malaysia. 

“This groundbreaking strategic partnership with Go by City Energy allows both Singapore and Malaysia EV drivers to extend their range across both countries for maximum connectivity and convenience,” he added. 

Key Highlights. 

1. City Energy has provided solutions for smarter and greener living to more than 870,000 homes and businesses in Singapore. 

2. Go as the first service in Singapore that extends EV charging capabilities into Malaysia and be expanding to city-state with Johor and Penang.

3. City Energy invest over S$100M to support Singapore’s green future with charge points in private residential and commercial sites by end 2030.

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