All New EQA 250 - Mercedes-Benz Financial Announces its Step Up Agility Finance

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Jesica Sendai | 24-03-2022 01:15 PM

Good news to individuals who are looking for their first electric car this year as we have the All-New Mercedes EQA 250 on the list revealing Step Up Agility Finance payment package.  

Carrying a tag price starting from RM278,000,00 Mercedes-Benz Financial Services announced few alternative ways to seal the ownership and to encourage any car junkies by embracing EV adoption in this nation.

The company prepares two 5-year Step Up Financing over a set period of plan. The first option - you may choose to pay monthly instalments of RM2288 for the first two years followed by RM4148 for the third to fifth year of tenure.

For the other option, customers also can pay RM2288 for the first year then followed by RM2688 for the second year and RM3994 for the third to fifth year of tenure.  

Customers could adjust their down payments to further reduce their installments as well as opt for additional insurance coverage and service maintenance.

With the Guaranteed Future Value, customers may opt to refinance, return, or keep the vehicle at the end of the tenure. Mercedes-Benz will buy the car back at a predetermined price if customers opt for return.

On the other hand, Lease&Go is created for individuals who wanted to put their Mercedes EQA 250 on lease for four years and below beginning from RM5392 monthly installments.

In addition to that, it has zero down payment, zero depreciation and disposal risk, Mobility Plus as well as motor insurance and road tax.

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