Aston Martin Racing Licenses MSAA as Exclusive Distributor for Vantage GT Race Cars

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Amelia | 15-03-2021 01:00 PM

Aston Martin has selected Motorsports Services AMR Asia Limited (“MSAA”) to become its exclusive distributor of all the variants of the Vantage GT race cars, parts and technical support for China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and the south-east Asian region. 

With the combination of the vast experience of three key parents, including Malaysian racing driver Weiron Tan, the newly-formed organisation is tasked in expanding the brand’s motorsport footprint in the region. The primary targets for this expansion will be the 2022 Asian Le Mans series, the GTWC Asia and the ever-growing China GT Championship.

The MSAA will begin servicing the region immediately from its existing workshop located in Sepang, Malaysia, and a second base of operations in Zhuhai to serve the Chinese market thus avoiding any pandemic-related issues regarding supply chain management.

“We’re very happy to conclude this partnership between Aston Martin Racing and MSAA to become the official representatives and distributor for Asia. It’s been a challenging year for the motorsport industry, especially in the Asian region, because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Nevertheless, we are certain that the timing of this announcement and the infrastructure we are putting in place will allow us to repay the faith of Aston Martin and expand the AMR GT racing footprint throughout the region, providing quality service and support to our valued customers.” said MSAA Director, Weiron Tan.

The first team to work with MSAA in China will be the 2018 GT Champions, Team ZWEI (formerly known as BSEM Racing). The long time partners of AMR will also be racing their Aston Martin Vantage GT4s. ZWEI will graduate to Race Partner status in China, with goals of winning races and GT4 Championships in China in 2021. Future major announcements are expected in the coming weeks. 

“We have viewed China and the Southeast Asian region as a key strategic area of growth in motorsport for some time. Now with the continued and growing success of Vantage in the GT3 and GT4 the global GT arena, we have the perfect platform with which to do this. MSAA gives us the ability to provide works level servicing across Asia and assist our partners as they compete for championships with Aston Martin.” stated Aston Martin racing president David King. 

The appointment of MSAA as the exclusive Southeast Asian distributor is the latest step in Aston Martin Racing’s strategy in extending and supporting the global network of partner teams. Alongside the expansion programme of deploying on-the-ground and remote support from its FIA GT World Endurance Manufacturers’ Championship-winning engineers and technicians, MSAA is now the third established regional hub to provide local support as well as technical assistance. 

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