Bentley Teasing Us With The New Continental GT Speed

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Afiq Saha | 19-03-2021 12:45 PM

Premiering soon is the new Bentley Continental GT Speed, by far the most dynamic road car by Bentley Motors in its 101-year history of being an automotive luxury titan.

Its eagerly awaited debut is coming to an end, as of this March 23rd, 2021, it will be unveiled by the British automaker and will be joining its predecessors in the current Continental line-up.

‘Speed’ is the suffix given to Bentley’s next generation of the Continental GT and the flagship model will reappear by packing more punch and attributes than ever before.

A couple of images of the extraordinary Continental GT Speed was teased by the company, which gives us a little of what to expect visually before the full unveiling next week.

The new Continental GT Speed is anticipated to be fitted with a new set of 22-inch wheels and a set of splitters. Also seen accompanying it will be a set of skirts and sill extensions which are a familiarity from the current Bentley’s Mulliner Carbon design package.

Other aesthetic aspects are the dark gunmetal gray shade cloaking the exterior of the vehicle and from what it seems, the Continental GT Speed will feature a slightly different front fascia. Probably a new design approach, as all the chrome detailing on the exterior body is no longer present.

Part of the recipe for the new Continental GT Speed is in the performance. Bentley's Crewe based company has mentioned that the new Continental GT Speed will come with a range of highly new chassis technologies under all that luxury amenities.

Judging from a video teased by the company, with the eargasm of a roar coming from the beast, it is predicted to sport an up-rated version of the current and standard Continental GT’s 6-litre twin-turbo W12 engine.

Currently, the said engine has a power output of 626 hp (466 kW) and a torque output of 897 Nm. However, for this new Continental GT Speed the engineers are turning things up a notch and a possibility figure of around 670 hp of max power output can be anticipated.

For comparison purposes, present under the hood in the previous generation of the Continental GT Speed is also a W12 engine, in which it produces a power output of 633 hp (472 kW) and a torque output of 840 Nm.

As of right now, the going price for the current Bentley Continental GT with the W12 engine is $200, 000 (RM 823, 700). Meaning, for the new Continental GT Speed that packs more power and technology, it is obviously going to have a higher price tag.

Looking at how the company is moving ahead, this upcoming model could likely be among the last 12-cylinder flagships we see, before Bentley embarks on its planned transition to widespread electrification later this decade.

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