BMW Group Malaysia And Safe 'n Sound Launched The NEXTStep 100% Subsidy Programme For Child Car Seats

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Anis | 11-05-2022 11:45 AM

BMW Group Malaysia, in collaboration with its long-term partner Safe 'n Sound, launched the new NEXTStep Subsidy Program today, with the goal of providing fully-subsidized child car seats to B40 families.

The new NEXTStep Subsidy Programme, launched as part of the BMW Safety 360 initiative, will provide parents with child car seats for children weighing up to 36 kg, thanks to donations previously made by BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia.

BMW Group Malaysia and Safe 'n Sound will cover the entire cost of the seats, including shipping to recipients outside of the Klang Valley. Safe 'n Sound will notify eligible parents via WhatsApp; selected parents from outside the Klang Valley will be informed of the delivery status, while parents within the Klang Valley will be informed of a date, time, and location to pick up their new child car seat.

A suitable seat from the company's product line will be chosen for the recipient based on their child's weight and height, as well as vehicle requirements. These seats are as follows:

snskidz Ace – From birth to 13 kg, worth RM199

snskidz Whizz ISOFIX seat – From birth to 18 kg, worth RM499

snskidz Sport seat – From birth to 18 kg, worth RM279

snskidz Proto seat (ISOFIX optional) Between 13 kg to 36 kg, worth RM399

mifold booster seat – Between 15 kg to 36 kg, worth RM199

“For over eight years, the BMW Safety 360° initiative has focused on raising awareness and encouraging action amongst families for more responsible road and car safety practices in Malaysia,” said BMW Group Malaysia Managing Director, Hans de Visser.

The programme is open to all families in Malaysia who are expecting a newborn or have a child weighing up to 36 kg and have a monthly household income of less than RM 3,500. Registration for the subsidy programme is now open on the Safe 'n Sound website (linked here) and will end on May 22, 2022.

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