DFSK EC35 Electric Van - Available in 2 and 5 seater configurations

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Jesica Sendai | 24-05-2022 11:15 AM

QC Fleet Management Sdn Bhd has launched the EC35 electric van for the Malaysian market located at headquarters of the Malaysian Institute of Automotive, Robotics and IoT (MARii), Cyberjaya today. 

The EC35 van comes with two options offering two or five-seater configurations. Design wise, it displayed a modified headlights and taillights that improves driver visibility. At night, an Automatic Headlight feature could come as a great assistance. 

Coming off with the base price starting from RM130,000, the EV van is powered by 38.7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack unit which offers an output of 60kW (80.4hp) and 200Nm of torque. 

When it comes to charging, EC35 is filled with CCS2 charging port and full charging rate takes 35 minutes using a DC 40kW charger to reach from 20 to 80 percent while if using AC 6kw charger, the charging requires 6 to 7 hours. 

A per-charge battery provides for an approximately 268km of WLTP or 200km of city driving.

On top of that, it uses an intelligent force management system that acts as automatic cooling process for each of their electric motor unit.  

The electric van is measured at 4500mm long, 1680mm width and 2000mm of height. Meanwhile the wheelbase is 3050mm and could afford to weigh up to 1090kg payloads. 

Standard specifications include:

1. Electric Power Steering (EPS)

2. 9 -inch multi touch screen

3. Remote control key entry system equipped with Vehicle Search function 

4. Smart Instrument Panel

5. Tire pressure monitoring system

6. Android, Bluetooth, FM radio system and USB 

Safety aspects comprises of:

1. Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS).

2. Warning Sound System for Pedestrians

3. Electronic Brake Distribution Technology (EBD)

4. Airbag

5. Tire Air Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

6. Reverse Camera

7. Triple Sensor Units with Sound Alert and Distance Indicator 

In terms of warranty period, DFSK EC35 comes with five years or 120,000km mileage. DFSK EC35 is available for sale and lease and leasing options are between three to five years. 

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