Ferrari Welcomes New Chief Executive Officer, Benedetto Vigna!

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Soveena | 22-06-2021 12:00 PM

Ferrari N.V. recently welcomed its new chief executive officer (CEO), Benedetto Vigna who will be joining the company starting from September 1.

Currently, Vigna is the president of Analog, MEMS (Micro-electromechanical Systems), and Sensors Group under STMicroelectronics (“ST”) where he is also a member of the ST Group’s Executive Committee.

Going into the history of how far he has come, we must first see where he started. Vigna graduated cum laude in physics from the University of Pisa and then joined ST in 1995 where he established the company’s MEMS activities. 

Following that, he then created ST’s market leadership in motion-activated user interfaces. His roles included connectivity, imaging, as well as power solutions. 

“We’re delighted to welcome Benedetto Vigna as our new Ferrari CEO. His deep understanding of the technologies driving much of the change in our industry, and his proven innovation, business-building, and leadership skills, will further strengthen Ferrari and its unique story of passion and performance, in the exciting era ahead,” said Ferrari Chairman John Elkann. 

“It’s a special honour to be joining Ferrari as its CEO and I do so with an equal sense of excitement and responsibility. Excitement at the great opportunities that are there to be captured. And with a profound sense of responsibility towards the extraordinary achievements and capabilities of the men and women of Ferrari, to all the company’s stakeholders and to everyone around the world for whom Ferrari is such a unique passion,” Vigna commented. 

Benedetto Vigna’s primary role at Ferrari will be to make certain that the company maintains its legacy as the creator of the world’s most beautiful and technically advanced cars. 

Wow, 26 years of unique knowledge acquired through working at the heart of the semiconductor industry! Could we expect ventures into the prospect of electric vehicles under Ferrari?

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