First Ever High Performance EV Charging Network by Porsche Asia Pacific and Shell Allows For Road Trips From Singapore to Penang!

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Amelia | 01-04-2021 01:00 PM

Porsche Asia Pacific and Shell has announced a partnership in the implementation of Southeast Asia’s first cross-country high performance charging (HPC) network. This will include 12 charging points at six Shell stations located along Malaysia's North-South highway. With the project, EV drivers will be able to have a seamless and convenient travel between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Through this partnership, six Shell stations will be fitted with 180 kW direct-current (DC) chargers with two CCS Type 2 charging connectors. With capability to allow a single vehicle to be charged at 180 kW or two vehicles at 90kW simultaneously, this allows the highest charging capacity across the two countries. 

Shell’s new 180 kW high performance chargers are also equipped to charge the Porsche Taycan from zero to 80% battery capacity in approximately 30 minutes, which provides extra travel distance up to 390 km (WLTP). Porsche customers can also enjoy perks such as receiving HPC points in advance using the mobile app in advance as well as preferential prices for food and beverages at Shell Select stores.

This joint venture further demonstrates the commitment between two parties in driving the future of electric mobility in Southeast Asia with spearheading the connectivity between Malaysia and Singapore. These two countries handle one of the world’s busiest international land border crossings, located at the Sultan Iskandar Building and Woodlands Checkpoint. 

“The ASEAN markets hold strong potential for Porsche to unlock and we see an opportunity to shape electric mobility in the region. Our high-performance network across Singapore and

Malaysia will serve as a lighthouse project for other countries to follow,” says Matthias Becker, Vice President Region Overseas and Emerging Markets of Porsche AG.

“While the question of future electric mobility is a global one, Southeast Asia amply demonstrates the complexity and diversity of both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. As more customers adopt EVs and governments look to meet their climate goals, the partnership between Porsche and Shell is one of many examples on how industry players must come together to play a vital role to help the transportation sector decarbonise and pave way for cleaner mobility solutions for customers,” says Amr Adel, Senior Vice President, Mobility East, Shell.

The upcoming charging network will also enable reliable and convenient road tips for users. The chargers will be available for all EVs utilising the CCS Type 2 charging connector, which is used widely across the two countries. Porsche users on the other hand, are able to enjoy special rates at Shell Recharge. 

“The Porsche and Shell partnership redefines performance in charging for Southeast Asia, offering an assurance of both speed and range for drivers of electric cars, such as the Porsche Taycan. Inspired by a shared passion for adventures on the road, we are committed to delivering a fascinating electric mobility experience characterised by the features that are decisive for Porsche: pure emotion and maximum driving pleasure,” says Arthur Willmann, Chief Executive Officer of Porsche Asia Pacific.

Connecting the two countries with a charging network is also aligned with Stuttgart sport car manufacturer’s goal in creating new standards in the sustainability and future of mobility. Their goal is part of dedicating the company in shaping the future of sports cars across key markets for Porsche Asia Pacific in Southeast Asia.

Shell has aimed to expand its EV charging offer to 500,000 stations globally. Aiming to hit the goal by 2025, its partnership with Porsche is part of its strategy in accelerating its transformation to provide convenience and sustainability at the same time. 

Will this partnership be the kick start off the route for cleaner energy between the two countries? With thousands of commuters travelling between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang every week prior to the pandemic, it is definitely looking bright for the plans that lie ahead between the two parties. 

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