2022 Perodua Alza: 12 Reasons To Go For The AV Variant !

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Anis | 27-07-2022 03:00 PM

Officially launched last week, The 2022 Perodua Alza comes in three variants and has a starting price of RM75,500 for the AV variant. To date, Perodua has received more than 30,000 bookings for the model, with the AV variation being the most popular (almost 20,000 units!).


So, is this range-topper worth choosing AV over the mid-spec H and baseline X variants? We sure think so! With that, here are a dozen reasons you really should consider the new and affordable 7-seat MPV in its range-topping form.

#1: It has Level 2 semi-autonomous driving abilities

Take note that all variants are brimmed with Perodua’s Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) package that includes Pre-collision Braking (PCB or AEB), Pedal Mis-operation Control (PMC) and Front Departure Alert (FDA), along with Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Departure Prevention (also known as lane keeping assist) and Auto High Beam (AHB).


However, just the range-topping AV variant is brimmed further with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop, Hold /Follow function, and Lane Keep Control (also known as lane centring assist). Effectively, this sees the Alza AV offer Level 2 semi-autonomous driving abilities. Beyond that, there’s also blind spot monitoring present. By the way, all of these comes on top of the six airbags, ABS with EBD and BA,  and stability control suites that come as standard across the board.

#2: It has an advanced infotainment system

Also exclusive to the mid-spec H and AV variants is a new 9-inch infotainment touchscreen that boasts a new user interface (UI). Crucially, this unit comes equipped with Android Auto connectivity (wired), but there's more. According to insiders at Perodua, the national carmaker is in the midst of finalising its licensing to acquire Apple CarPlay for the Alza. In other words, this unit will also get updated with wired Apple CarPlay connectivity soon enough!

#3: It sports an electronic parking brake (First for Perodua)

This marks a first for the national carmaker - the offer of an electronic parking brake, or EPB. The Alza, specifically in AV form, is the first to receive this as a replacement to the previous first-gen Alza's foot-activated parking brake feature. This isn't just easier to  engage and disengage, it also brings forth a much neater centre stack arrangement in the cabin, which in turn grants even more room for movement too. Neat, huh?

#4: It also has an Auto Brake Hold system (Another first for Perodua)

Besides EPB, the second-gen Alza also benefits with the inclusion of an Auto Brake Hold (ABH) feature. This tech makes driving simpler, especially in congested areas where drivers often experience stop-go traffic crawls. To engage it, the driver merely needs to press on the brake fully; there is no "additional labour" required such as pulling a handbrake lever. To get moving again, the system automatically disengages when drivers step on the accelerator pedal.

#5: There's a nifty 360 ° panoramic view monitor

This, of course, is a feature designed to make parking a lot more convenient. The 360-degree view can also be toggled across several modes, which should allow you to attain that perfect parking. In other words, this feature should help just about anyone easily side-park or reverse-park the Alza!

#6: There are 3 selectable drive modes! (first for Perodua)

For the first time, Perodua is offering up to three selectable drive modes in the Alza AV variant. Available here are Normal, Power and ECO modes - pretty self-explanatory here if you asked us.

In short, the Alza AV will allow easier frugal driving and, should the need arise, access to greater power and torque too for easier overtakes, all through the press of a button.

#7: It has rear disc brakes

Drum brakes are replaced with rear disc brakes for the first time for the Alza's AV variant. Aptly, this hardware delivers improved braking abilities compared to its lesser variants which feature traditional drum brakes at the rear. Furthermore, Perodua states that this hardware offers a lot more convenience for technicians when performing maintenance as well.


#8: A DVR (Dashcam) is standard-equipped!

In an era when the number of accident scams have increased, there's no denying that the presence of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), or 'Dashcam', has become much more important. The good news here is that the new range-topping Alza AV variant offers one up front as standard-equipment. This, in turn, sees the Alza offer unrivalled safety in its segment and price bracket.

#9: That striking front grille design

The other bit in the second-gen Perodua Alza that we are certain many will like is its prominent new grille design. Whilst it looks pretty good in the lower end variants (below), only the range-topping AV variant gets a snazzier gloss-black finished one (top). This, in turn, sees the Alza command a rather premium-look and feel.

#10: That really cool 7-inch TFT digital dash display

Similar to its Ativa crossover SUV cousin, the second-gen Perodua Alza, specifically in mid-spec H and range-topping AV variants, treats its drivers with a very crisp-looking 7-inch TFT digital dash display in the meter panel. This, as you can see, is a very informative display layout that's also very pleasing to look at.

#11: Those plus semi-leather seats!

The AV variant is equipped with seats in two tones leather and fabric combination as opposed regular old fabric as found in the lower variants (X and H). Aptly, these exude a much  plusher look and feel to an otherwise comfortable and decently supportive seat design.

#12: The awesome LED Matrix headlights

Whilst all variants are brimmed with LED headlights, just the H and AV variants get them complemented with both LED foglamps and sequential signal repeaters. The latter creates a rather pleasing scrolling effect when signalling left or right, thus giving this otherwise practical and rather affordable 7-seat MPV a very posh and high-tech look. Didn’t expect these from a Perodua now, didn’t you?

And there you have it, a dozen reasons why we think the range-topping AV variant of the new second-gen Perodua Alza is worth considering should you be in the market for a practical, well-endowed, and very affordable 7-seat MPV.

Do you agree with what we've just highlighted here? Let us know is the comments below!

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