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Anis | 03-08-2022 03:30 PM

The latest version of the Perodua Alza has created a lot of buzz in the local market, with over 30,000 units booked by Malaysians so far. The new Alza isn't the only MPV that is popular in Malaysia these days. The Toyota Veloz, a not-so-distant cousin of the Alza with a Toyota badge, is also one of the most anticipated models in the country!


Bookings for the Toyota Veloz are currently open at an estimated price of RM 95,000, which is almost RM20,000 more than the Alza that retails between RM62,500 and RM75,500.

So, Alza or Veloz?  Let’s discuss with the help of these images!


#1 Powertrain

The Toyota Veloz and Perodua Alza share the same DNGA platform and powertrain package, the latter consisting of a 1.5-litre Dual VVT-i 4-cyl mill. The Alza outputs 105 HP and 138 NM, whereas its claimed fuel economy rating reads at  22.0km/l with the eco-idle system. 

Though it is expected to use the same mill, the Veloz is likely to have a higher fuel consumption rate due to its heavier weight and adopting of larger wheels, which may result in it having a higher fuel consumption rate.

#2 Drive Modes

Drive modes can be toggled using the drive button on the right side of the Alza steering wheel. In its range-topping AV form, the second-gen Alza offers three modes - Eco Mode, Normal, and Power.

Here's the drive modes displayed in the Veloz. It will also offer the same choices of drive modes as the second-gen Alza.

#3 Dimensions

Compared to the Alza AV, the Toyota Veloz is slightly longer by 50mm at  4,475mm, and 20mm wider too at 1,750mm wide.

#4 Front grille

With the Alza, Produa opted to endow it with a flared top grill featuring L-shaped patterns.

The Veloz, on the other hand, sees Toyota adopt a slightly different design. It gets a hexagonal grille that "blooms" with Y-shaped patterns instead.

#5 Headlamps

Both the Alza and Veloz are brimmed with all-LED lighting, which includes the novel sequential turn signal repeaters, but the position of the daytime running lights (DRL) in both are different.

With the Prime body package offered through the Perodua GearUp accessories catalogue, the Alza's DRLs are located at the edge corner of the front bumper.

In the Veloz, its DRLs are integrated into the headlights instead, and they're mounted at the bottom of the headlight housing.

#6 Ground clearance

Developed as a more 'grounded' vehicle, the Perodua Alza's ground clearance of 160mm sees it offer easier cabin access for both children and elderly. This also means the Azla will have better road-holding manners compared to its Toyota cousin, which sports a slightly lifted ride height and higher ground clearance.

For Malaysia, Toyota will offer the with a ground clearance of 190mm, which is slightly lower than the Indonesian-spec Veloz model that has a much higher 205mm clearance. 

According to Toyota,  this extra clearance means users won't have to worry about their belongings when navigating potholes or bumpy roads (lessening the impact on interior space).

#7 Wheels

In terms of wheel sizes, the second-gen Perodua Alza rolls on either 15-inch wheels in its entry level X variant form, whereas its mid-spec H and range-topping AV variants roll on larger 16-inch wheels instead.

With the Veloz, this Toyota cousin of the Alza trumps it by rolling on larger 17-inch wheels instead.

#8 Roof rails

Roof rails are only available on the Toyota Veloz (left), and not on the Alza. This is perhaps another trait that signals Toyota's aspirations in wanting the Veloz to be more like a crossover SUV unlike the Alza which sees Perodua taking on a more traditional 'grounded' MPV approach.

#9 Rear end

This is one key detail that easily sets both cars apart. Each car conforms to different design identities of their respective makers, and the differences are pretty stark to say the least. Most notable here is how the Toyota Veloz adopts an SUV-like model badging on the centre of its tailgate trim, whereas the Perodua Alza's model badge is mounted on the lower right side of its rear hatch instead.

Nevertheless, there are still some similarities, like the taillights designs in both that are connected at the centre by their respective maker's logos.

#10 Colorways

As for colorways, the second-gen Perodua Alza does not offer a Blue-hued option as its Toyota cousin has. Additionally, the latter Veloz model also gets snazzier two-tone colourways whilst the Alza makes do with just single-tone options. The colour list of these two models is as follows:

2022 Perodua Alza 2022 colour list:

Ivory White

Glittering Silver

Garnet Red (red)

Elegant Black

Vintage Brown

2022 Toyota Veloz colour list:


Metallic Bluish Black

Red Metallic (red metallic)

Metallic Silver with Black Roof (metallic silver with black roof)

Blue Metallic with Black Roof

#11 Dashboard

Though Perodua skipped on a two-tone exterior with the Alza, it instead chose to give this MPV's innards a two-tone motif in its range-topping AV form. Here, the Alza boasts contrasting dark red dash and door card inserts plus seat stitching, which offers a stylish contrast in an otherwise plain black interior.

The Toyota Veloz also sports a two-tone cabin motif, but it adopts a light grey contrasting hue in the dash, door inserts and seat stitching over a predominantly black interior. 

#12 Seats

In its range-topping form, the Perodua Alza offers seats that are covered in a combination fabric and leather, thus making them semi-leather seats. Perodua does offer a full leather upholstery, but as a cost-option from its GearUp accessories catalogue. However, in the Toyota Veloz, all seats will be fully upholstered in leather.

#13 Infotainment system

However, the Perodua's unit only offers Android Auto connectivity presently. We were informed that Apple CarPlay connectivity is coming at a later date via simple firmware update, but this greatly depends on how quickly the national carmaker can ratify its licensing with Apple.

The Veloz, on the other hand, will offer both Apple and Android connectivity straight out of the box.

#14 Instrument cluster

Drivers will be pleased to know that both the range-topping Perodua Alza AV and the Toyota Veloz will feature a rich 7inch digital instrument display panel.

#15 Climate control system

In the Perodua, the control panel is similar to that seen in the Ativa which has no thermostat but offers two memory settings. The Toyota unit, on the other hand, sees to a two-button setup instead with an automatic function added in the mix.

#16 Steering wheel

As for the steering, the Perodua will offer just tilt adjustment.

The Toyota instead offers both tilt and telescopic adjustments.


#17 Cargo space

With the third row of seats folded, the cargo space capacities of the Alza and Veloz are identical at 498L.

#18 Cabin

Predictably, as the pricier option between the two, the Toyota Veloz sees its cabin offer two additional features absent in the Perodua Alza, those being a Qi wireless charging pad, as well as a novel LED cabin ambient lighting feature.

So, with all the above plus the Toyota badge, is the Veloz worth the additional RM20,000 premium over the Alza? Which of these two DNGA-based 7-seats would you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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