Gallery: Sights from EVM Asia 2022 at MITEC

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Thoriq Azmi | 28-09-2022 03:30 PM

Taking place this week from Sept 27 to Sept 29 at MITEC, Kuala Lumpur, EVM Asia 2022 stands as one of the region’s largest automotive expositions of its kind. What makes it stand apart from a regular automotive expo is its focus on the EV and Hybrid vehicles sector and industry.


Fully funded by AMB Tarsus Events Group, EVM Asia 2022 was also made possible thanks to the support and guidance of the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii). On top of which, EVM Asia 2022 also garnered the support from organisations such as the Electric Vehicles Association of Malaysia (EVAM) and the Electric Vehicles Owners’ Club.


The three-day expo spanned multiple halls throughout its run, and it saw the presence of some of the biggest players in the EV and Hybrid vehicles space – both directly and indirectly. This included the likes of Proton, Nissan, DFSK, BMW Group Malaysia, ABB, Schneider Electric, Autel, Siemens, Aco Tech, and more.


Amongst the vehicles on display were several key electric passenger cars presently on sale in the local market such as the BMW iX and i4, Mini Cooper S E, as well as the Nissan Leaf.

Also making an appearance at the MARii booth was national carmaker Perodua’s first ever hybrid model, the Ativa Hybrid, that was launched earlier this week.


Speaking of national brands, Proton also marked a significant presence despite not having any electrified offering to show just yet. Instead, besides both the X50 and X70 models plus its new localised 1.5-litre 3-cyl turbo mill on display, the brand’s booth also housed a display and demonstration by its subsidiary Aco Tech.


Said subsidiary has been hard at work over the past months developing and further enhancing the infotainment units for the bulk of Proton’s current offerings. The firm also displayed an upcoming connected smartwatch that’s poised to enhance the ownership experiences of both the X50 and X70 models too.


Carmakers aside, EVM Asia 2022 also saw the presence of various key players in the booming charging solutions and services space. Amongst them were Jus EV, Sangitech (ChargeSini), JomCharge, and many more. The high number of local entities as such during the expo was indeed a clear indication of the local EV space’s rapid boom.


Apart from that, there were also other key players in the charging space present such as ABB, Autel, and Siemens. All had the bulk of their key hardware on display too such as commercial-grade and smaller-scale DC fast-chargers, the highlight of the former being ABB’s massive unit that’s touted as the world’s fastest charging unit of its kind too.


Apart from these, EVM Asia 2022 even saw the presence of other brands and entities that provide various other solutions, services and products aimed squarely at EVs and hybrids. These included aftermarket parts and components, dedicated diagnostics hardware and software, not forgetting extended warranties and insurance providers too.


In short, if you wanted to see how big the local – and regional – EV and hybrid market and industry space is, then EVM Asia 2022 stands as the perfect space to garner such an insight. And from what we garnered, we’re certain the future of zero-emissions and electric mobility in Malaysia is set to grow even bigger over the next few years.


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