Google Maps Unveils Major Upgrade For EV Owners

Anis | 18-08-2023 04:30 PM

image.pngimage.png Google Maps recently unveiled an update that prioritises electric vehicle (EV) features for EV owners who use Android Auto. Petrol stations have been demoted in the list of points of interest, while charging stations have been elevated. EV drivers have had access to these changes since 2022.

According to The Verge, one of the most important new features is the ability to view real-time charging port availability at nearby stations. EV drivers can use Google Maps to search for "ev charging stations" and check the availability of charging ports, allowing them to avoid waiting in queue.


The update also includes charging speed filters, which allow users to find stations with chargers of 150 kilowatts or higher, which provide enough power to quickly recharge their vehicles and get them back on the road in under 40 minutes. Stations with 50kW or higher chargers are also referred to as "fast" chargers.

Furthermore, users can filter stations based on plug types compatible with their EVs, ensuring that they only see stations that have the correct plugs.


Google Maps now recommends charging stations for trips based on factors such as current traffic, charge level, and expected energy consumption. This feature assists EV owners in more efficiently planning their routes. image.png

Furthermore, Google Maps shows charging stations in search results, including those in public places such as supermarkets. This makes it easier for EV owners to choose destinations with charging stations while running errands.

While these updates have been available since 2020 for vehicles equipped with Google built-in vehicle software, not all EVs use this software. Many electric vehicle drivers rely on phone-to-car projection systems like Android Auto and CarPlay. The Google Maps updates aim to make the phone-to-car projection system more user-friendly for EV drivers, as finding charging stations can still be difficult.


These improvements reflect the increasing number of EVs on the road as well as the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure. Google Maps hopes to support the transition to electric mobility by prioritising EV-centric features and making EV ownership more convenient and accessible.

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