Tesla Destination Chargers Now LIVE At Pavilion Damansara & Sunway Putra Mall

KS | 24-11-2023 01:45 PM


Following close behind the opening of the Tesla Supercharging facility at Freeport A’Famosa is the launch of two Tesla destination charging facilities at Pavilion Damansara and Sunway Putra Mall. We have covered a fair bit of both these facilities before and on its slow go to live status before.


Just to recap, the Pavilion Damansara facility is located at the underground parking B1 level and has a total of nine (9) Tesla destination chargers of which only five is publicly accessible to Tesla owners and the remaining four reserved for internal use by the Tesla Experience Centre. Meanwhile the facility at Sunway Putra Mall which is located at level B2 houses six (6) destination chargers for public usage.


Do take note that all the charging facilities so far rolled out by Tesla in Malaysia are intended specifically for Tesla owners use only and not open to other vehicle brands or makes. To date aside from this two Destination charging facilities, Tesla Malaysia has rolled out four 4, Supercharging facilities with a collective capacity of 20 Superchargers across the country at Freeport A’Famosa Outlet, Pavilion KL, Sunway Big Box in Johor and Sunway Pyramid at Selangor.

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