Previewed: MG4 EV – 4 Variants, Up To 520 KM Range, Est. From RM104,000 Onwards

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Thoriq Azmi | 28-02-2024 01:30 PM
web_MG-Malaysia_preview_official_-7.jpgThe MG brand has returned! Now under the auspices of SAIC Motor Malaysia, the brand previewed the new MG4 EV line-up that's set to debut very soon!

As reported prior, renowned British brand MG Motor is returning to Malaysia this year under the auspices of SAIC Motor Malaysia – the newly established local arm of the brand’s parent company SAIC Motor Corp. of China.

The brand is set to break into the burgeoning local EV marketspace with two new offerings starting with the MG4 EV. This is one of the MG brand’s very latest as it first debuted back in 2022, and it’s poised for local market entry very soon.

web_MG-Malaysia_preview_official_-1.jpgweb_MG-Malaysia_preview_official_-3.jpgThough MG positions the MG4 EV as a C-segment family hatch, it does boast crossover SUV-like proportions. In terms of size, it shares a similar footprint as the BYD Atto 3.

Though positioned as a C-segment family hatch, the MG4 EV does boast crossover SUV-like proportions. In fact, its footprint is fairly close to the BYD Dolphin as it sits 4,287 MM long with a 2,705 MM wheelbase, 1,836 MM wide, and 1,504 MM tall.

Unlike said BYD though, which sees just two guises on sale locally, this MG rival has no less than four variants available.

web_MG-Malaysia_preview_official_-2.jpgThe MG4 EV range consists of four variants - MG4 Standard, MG4 Lux, MG4 Lux Extended Range, and the MG4 XPower performance flagship.

Battery & Powertrains

The range consist of the MG4 Standard, MG4 Lux, MG4 Lux Extended Range, and the MG4 XPower performance flagship. Each are separated by differing equipment levels, battery size, as well as e-motor count and driveline setup.

At the base of the range is the MG4 Standard, and it packs a 51 kWh battery that juices a single e-motor driving the rear wheels (RWD) with 170 PS (125 KW) and 250 NM. This setup sees 0-100 KM/H despatched in a respectable 7.5 seconds.

This base variant boasts a claimed WLTP maximum range of 350 KM. As for charging, 7 kW AC input sees full re-charges (0-100%) done in 8 hours. Rapid DC charging at 50 KW instead sees 10-80% done in 48 minutes, or a quicker 37 minutes at 150 kW.

web_MG4_-2.jpgBattery capacities range between 51 kWh and 77 kWh, and all accepts 7 kW AC or up to 150 kW DC charging inputs. The longest range figure stands at 520 KM (WLTP, MG4 Lux Extended Range).

The MG4 Lux variant ups the ante with a larger 64 kWh battery  and a slightly higher output of 203 PS (150 KW), though torque remains the same at the Standard at 250 NM. This slightly heavier variant also sees marginally slower 0-100 KM/H sprint time of 7.7 seconds.

The larger battery capacity sees the MG4 Lux boast a higher claimed maximum WLTP range of 435 KM. 7 KW AC charging grants full re-charges (0-100%) in 8.5 hours, whereas 50 KW and 150 KW DC inputs sees 10-80% re-charges done in 52 minutes and 26 minutes respectively.

Next comes the higher-specced MG4 Lux Extended Range, as its name aptly suggest, this one packs the largest battery in its line-up at 77 kWh. In turn, it entails with even higher outputs of 245 PS (180 kW) and 350 NM, plus a sprightlier 0-100 KM/H sprint time of 6.1 seconds.

Crucially, this one boasts the longest range too with its claimed WLTP maximum figure of 520 KM. As for charging, 7 KW AC input sees full re-charges (0-100%) done in 10 hours, whilst 50 KW and 150 KW DC inputs see 10-80% re-charges attained in 61 minutes and 38 minutes respectively.

web_MG4-X-Power_-9.jpgPacking a dual-motor AWD setup, the MG4 XPower boasts 435 PS and 600 NM, and this grants a sportscar-baiting 0-100 KM/H sprint time of 3.8 seconds!

Capping the range off is the MG4 XPower performance flagship, which benefits with a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive (AWD) setup rated at a rather peppy 435 PS (320 KW) and 600 NM. In turn, it sees the XPower variant despatch 0-100 KM/H sprints in a sportscar-baiting rate of 3.8 seconds

This variant however shares the same battery as the MG4 Lux variant (64 kWH). It also shares the same AC and DC charging rates and re-charge times as said mid-specced variant.

On board, all variants share a number of key features, namely the digital displays, connectivity functions, and basic ADAS features.

Standard Features & ADAS

It’s worth noting that all variants are equipped with the MG Pilot active driver assistance (ADAS) suite as standard. This adds forward collision warning and mitigation (FCW & AEB), adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane-departure warning and -keeping assist (LDW & LKA), as well as traffic jam assist (TJA),

Whilst on the ADAS suite still, it’s also worth noting that higher-end guises – MG4 Lux and up – see the addition of a blind-spot monitor (BSD), lane change assist (LCA), rear cross-traffic alert (RCTA), door-opening warning (DOW), and a 360-degree camera suite.

web_MG4_-6.jpgweb_MG4_-9.jpgAll variants offer a 363-litre standard boot space that can be expanded thanks to 60:40 split-folding rear seats.

web_MG4_-5.jpgAvailable from the MG4 Lux variant onwards are additions like a wireless charging pad, leather upholstery, 6-way power-adjustable driver seat, and a 6-speaker 3D audio system.

Other shared kit include all-LED lighting forward and aft, six airbags, 7-inch digital instrument panel, 10.25-inch floating touchscreen infotainment loaded with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, seamless connectivity with MG’s iSMART mobile app, and the “Hello MG” voice command suite.

While the MG4 Standard base model makes do with 17-inch wheels and fabric seats, the MG4 Lux presents more style and luxuries through its adoption on 18-inch wheels, two-tone exterior paintwork, and leather upholstery.

web_MG4_-13.jpgweb_MG4_-10.jpgweb_MG4_-4.jpgweb_MG4_-1.jpgClockwise: All variants feature all-LED lgihting, but upwards from the MG4 Lux guise comes larger 18-inch wheels, active grille system, twin aero rear spoiler, rear centre lightbar, and two-tone paintwork (black roof). 

Present upwards from the Lux variant too are additions like a twin aero rear spoiler, active grille system, rear centre lightbar, wireless smartphone charging pad, 6-way power-adjustable driver seat, as well as a 6-speaker 3D audio instead of a 4-speaker setup.

As for the MG4 XPower performance flagship, it rightfully gets performance-oriented additions such as variant specific 18-inch wheels, orange-painted brake calipers, black alcantara upholstery, metallic sports pedals, as well as a built-in launch control.


web_MG4-X-Power_-4.jpgweb_MG4-X-Power_-1.jpgUnique to the MG4 XPower are its variant-specific 18-inch wheels, orange-painted brake calipers, its cabin's alcantara upholstery, metal sports pedals, and a built-in launch control.

Price & Warranties

Clearly, all four guises of the MG4 EV are specced to woo buyers aplenty, and said fact is fuelled further by the arguably tempting – albeit tentative – price figures SAIC Motor Malaysia have tagged them at.

Things starts from RM104,000 for the MG4 Standard, from RM129,000 for the MG4 Lux and from RM149,900 in Extended Range form, whereas the MG4 XPower performance flagship starts from RM159,000 onwards.

web_MG4_-12.jpgAll MG4 EV variants are poised to come with a7-year or 150,000 KM vehicle warranty and an 8-year or 180,000 KM EV battery warranty. Prices, on the other hand, tentatively start from as low as RM104,000.

Moreover, SAIC Motor Malaysia also outlined a respectably solid after-sales coverage it’s set to offer each MG4 with. It sees a 7-year or 150,000 KM vehicle warranty plus a separate 8-year or 180,000 KM EV battery warranty.

Well, what do you folks think of the very latest left-field entry into the burgeoning local EV space then? Share your thoughts in the comments below, as well as our social media pages…


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