Upgraded BYD Dolphin Goes On Sale In China With Longer Range And Lower Price

Thoriq Azmi | 27-02-2024 11:30 AM


The BYD Dolphin EV hatch has been updated in its home market of China. There are four variants available now, all featuring new battery options, increased range and, crucially, lower prices.

Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) giants BYD has released an upgraded version of its Dolphin electric (EV) hatch in its home market of China. Key changes sees new battery options, improved range and, crucially, lower starting prices.

For the Chinese market, the BYD Dolphin is offered across four variants starting with a base ‘Vitality’ guise tagged from RMB99,800 (approx. RM66,253). This variant gets the smallest battery capacity – 32 kWh – that juices a 94 HP (74 kW) e-motor, promising up to 302 KM in range too.

Next comes a mid-range Dolphin ‘Free’ variant that’s priced from RMB112,800 (approx. RM74,883). It uses the same 94 HP (74 kW) e-motor, but it’s juiced by a larger 45 kWh battery instead. Naturally, the bigger battery also entails to longer range – up to 420 KM, as claimed by BYD.


The four variants on offer in China now harness either 32 KWh or 45 kWh batteries that juices either a 94 HP (70 kW) or 174 HP (130 kW) e-motor choices, both mounted up front and power the front wheels. a 60 kWh version has yet to launch.

Alongside the ‘Free’ is a ‘Fashion’ guise which shares the same mechanical specifications, but reportedly boasts more on-board features, luxuries, and plush amenities. The latter likely explains its slightly higher RMB119,800 (approx. RM79,530) price tag it commands.

Capping off the range in the ‘Knight’ variant, and this range-topper of sorts sees its 45 kWh battery juice a peppier 174 HP (130 kW) e-motor instead. Altogether, said driveline sees this variant promise up to 401 KM in range, and it commands RMB129,800 (approx. RM86,169).

For now, BYD has not launched the upgraded Dolphin in its Chinese home market with a larger 60 kWh battery, which the current model already has, just yet. This is widely expected to happen soon enough and when it does, said version is expected to offer up to 520 KM in range too.


On board, the upgraded 2024 BYD Dolphin for China sees a host of upgraded new features like ventilated front seats, 50-watt wireless charging pad, as well as USB-C charging ports. (Image: CarNewsChina)
Another crucial change for the Chinese market is the switch from torsion beam to independent rear suspension setup, the latter mirroring the European market version.

On board, the upgraded kit list greatly depends on variant, but there are enough all around to perhaps woo even more buyers. Highlights include new ventilated front seats, faster 50-watt wireless charging pad, as well as USB-C charging ports.

One crucial change for this Chinese market version is the switch from torsion beam to a new independent rear suspension setup, the latter mirroring European export models. That aside, little else has changed apart from new paintjob options and revised wheel designs.

It’s unclear when exactly this upgraded version of the BYD Dolphin will be exported overseas, but we reckon it won’t take too long given the rising popularity of said EV hatch, especially in key emerging markets – i.e. ours.


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