Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

From RM 179,990 - 224,990
RM 2,012 | 9 years
RM 2,441 | 7 years
RM 3,212 |  5 years


  • Elegant design that stands out from other cars in its segment.
  • The car is equipped with 5 driving mode selections (Normal, Eco, Sport, Comfort or Individual).
  • Mated with the seven-speed DSG dual clutch automatic transmission.

Variant of the model

OTR Price
2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Highline
RM 179,990
RM 2,441.44
2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace R-Line
RM 224,990
RM 3,051.83
2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Highline
OTR Price Monthly
RM 179,990 RM 2,441.44
2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace R-Line
OTR Price Monthly
RM 224,990 RM 3,051.83
Car loan monthly installment
3 Years
RM 5,012.72
/ Month
5 Years
RM 3,212.82
/ Month
7 Years
RM 2,441.44
/ Month
Based on 90% loan amount with fixed-rate interest at 3.8%

Monthly installment (RM)
RM 2,712.71
Car Price (RM)
Down Payment (RM)

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The Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace hits the Malaysian markets in August 2020, available in two variants: the Tiguan Allspace Highline 1.4TSI and the Tiguan Allspace R-Line 2.0TSI. Prices range from RM164,430 to RM208553. The Allspace highlights their space and versatility as the new elegant design comes equipped with two extra seats in the back. 


Body Dimensions

The measurements are 4,701mm in length, 1,839 mm in width, 1,674 mm in height, with a wheelbase spanning 2,787 mm. It is 215 mm longer compared to the regular second-generation Tiguan. The Allspace also has a longer wheelbase by 106 mm.

Front View

The Tiguan Allspace gives off sophisticated and futuristic vibes with the main focus being the striking large front grille and the noteworthy LED headlights that stand out from the 5-Seater Tiguan. 

Rear View

The rear of the R-Line displays their sporty R-Line kit which consists of dual-tipped tailpipes as well as a rear spoiler. 


The headlamps are LED units with dynamic headlamp range control and LED DRL that gives the car a very distinctive look. 

Tail Lamps

The tail lamps are LED units with 3D effects that feature triangle motifs. The Allspace R-Line kit also comes along with rear fog lights.

Side Mirror


The Allspace Highline comes equipped with 18-inch Kingston alloy wheels and the Allspace R-Line comes with 19-inch Sebring alloy wheels.



The design is a futuristic and modern Volkswagen digital cockpit layout. The dashboard exudes a very sophisticated and classy feel to it. The functions are all user friendly and make it easily accessible for the passengers.

Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster is made up of an 11.7-inch digital cockpit that has more than 30 combination options for their colour six-view customisable screen.


The comfortable sport seats are finished in Vienna leather. The driver and passenger seats both have 12-ways electric adjustable seats with memory functions. 


Front and rear passengers will have no issues with space as the Tiguan Allspace is designed for maximum comfort. There is no shortage of leg room for the second row occupants, even if there are any six-footers who have fully extended their seats in front. 

Steering Functions

Storage Space

The car has a decent size glove compartment that can fit both the Volkswagen manual and service booklet with ease. It also has a small-sized armrest compartment which can be used to keep essential items like a few boxes of name cards, wallet or purse. For your sunglasses, there is a sunglasses compartment located near the rearview mirror.

Cup Holders

There are 6 cup holders (2 in the front row, 2 in the second row in the centre armrest, 2 in the third row in the side console) and 4 bottle holders in each door pockets.

Charging Ports

The Allspace R-Line has 3 USB charging ports, 2 located in the centre console and 1 located in the rear air conditioning vent. The SUV is also equipped with three 12-volts power sockets, 1 located in the front row, 1 in the middle row and 1 located in the boot. This allows the passengers to easily charge multiple devices at the same time.

Boot Space

There is a minimum boot space of 230 litres with all seats up, however, if the third-row seats are folded down, it makes way to 700 litres of boot space. If that is not enough, fold down the second-row seats as well, and the Tiguan Allspace will have a massive 1,775 litres of cargo space.


Active Safety

The Allspace has the following active safety systems; anti-lock braking system, traction control, electronic braking system, brake assist, multi-collision brakes, electronic park brake, multi-collision brakes, hill descent control, automatic post collision brake system, rest assist (driver alert system), tyre pressure monitors and electronic stability control.

Passive Safety

The passive safety includes six airbags, seat belt anchors and pre-tensioners, as well as ISOFIX anchor points to secure your child’s car seat, to reduce the risk of injury during an accident.

Drive Modes

There are five drive modes available - Normal, Eco, Sport, Comfort and Individual. An off-road profile is also available for individuals who crave a little more adventure. The Allspace R-Line also comes with dynamic chassis control that has different profiles to adjust the suspension accordingly to suit your driving needs.


Features a 9.2-inch touchscreen unit that is compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, as well as Mirrorlink Connectivity.

Sound System



The Allspace R-Line is running on the 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder engine that produces 295 hp from 4,500 to 6,200 rpm and 350 Nm of torque from 1,500 to 4,400 rpm. 


Both variants are equipped with the seven-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) dual-clutch automatic transmission. 


The Tiguan Allspace R-Line features the company’s ‘4 Motion’ brilliant AWD system where power is constantly sent to the front wheels, at the same time, it is also able to detect the loss of traction and the system will send power to the rear axle or any specific wheel that needs it. 


The 2,520 kg Allspace R-Line can whiz from 0-100 km/h in 6.5 seconds as well as can reach the maximum speed of 223 km/h. 

Fuel Consumption

The average fuel consumption rating of approximately 7.3 l/100km. 



The Allspace R-Line comes with a keyless entry with a push start button, as well as a removable light in the boot space that can be used for the convenience of the individual. Another feature that adds to the convenience of the driver is the smart entry for the driver seat where there is keyless access, keyless locking and starting system. 

Rear Air Vents

The rear air vents are located behind the front occupant’s centre arm rest. 

Ride Comfort

The quality of the ride is firm and the seats are very comfortable.  

Sound Insulation

The sound insulation in the car is effortless as the road and wind noises are mostly muted. 

Wrap Up


In terms of looks, this sporty yet luxurious design will grab the attention of most patriarchs from family friendly households as the car will be seen to be practical. Due to the government implementing the use of car seats for young children, the Allspace most suitable for growing families with 3 or more children as the space plays a big role while travelling. 

Next to that, because it is an SUV, it could easily tackle flash floods that come with the Malaysian climate. The feeling of driving a Volkswagen feels unlike anything else, and some might even say that it will give you the confidence of a supermodel on her catwalk. In comparison to its competitors, the Allspace would be seen as an upgrade. 

User Experience

3 /5
47 User Ratings
47 User Ratings
Exterior Design
Interior Design
Exterior Design 75%
Interior Design 70%
Space 80%
Power 60%
Safety 70%
Cost 60%

Consumes less fuel during long drives with the 7-speed DSG transmission.Elegant and luxurious design.Apple Carplay and Android Auto Ready.
Does not include wireless charging pads for smartphone users.Does not include hands-free tailgate opening option.Higher priced.


Service & Maintenance
Mileage (km) 15,000 30,000 45,000 60,000 75,000 90,000 105,000 120,000
Month 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96
Engine Oil 340.00 340.00 340.00 340.00 340.00 340.00 340.00 340.00
Oil Filter 65.50 65.50 65.50 65.50 65.50 65.50 65.50 65.50
Drain Plug 16.90 16.90 16.90 16.90 16.90 16.90 16.90 16.90
Drain Plug Washer 10.90 10.90 10.90 10.90 10.90 10.90 10.90 10.90
Oil Sump 20.40 20.40 20.40 20.40 20.40 20.40 20.40 20.40
Brake Fluid - 165.40 - 165.40 - 165.40 - 165.40
Gear Oil - - - 872.30 - - - 872.30
Gear Oil Filter - - - 122.10 - - - 122.10
Gear Oil Filter Seal Ring - - - 20.60 - - - 20.60
Air Filter - - - - - 145.40 - -
Air Con Filter - - - 185.00 - - - 185.00
Spark Plug - - - 546.00 - - - 546.00
V Belt - - - 151.10 - - - 151.10
V Belt Tensioner - - - 623.20 - - - 623.20
V Belt Tensioner Bolt - - - 13.60 - - - 13.60
Total Part Amount 453.70 619.10 453.70 3,153.00 453.70 764.50 453.70 3,153.00
Labor Charge 272.00 320.00 272.00 656.00 272.00 416.00 272.00 656.00
Service Tax (6%) 16.32 19.20 16.32 39.36 16.32 24.96 16.32 39.36
Grand Total 742.02 958.30 742.02 3,848.36 742.02 1,205.46 742.02 3,848.36
Optional Services :
Air Filter 149.80 149.80 149.80 149.80 149.80 149.80 149.80 149.80
Fuel Additive 164.00 164.00 164.00 164.00 164.00 164.00 164.00 164.00
Air Con Interior Cleaning 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95
Air Con Service 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200
1.Service & maintenance to be carried out at intervals based on every mileage(km) or month that whichever comes first.
2. Service & maintenance prices may vary for West Malaysia
3. Service & maintenance prices may vary if there is any upgrade and changes by the carmaker.
4. All prices are subject to 6% Service tax, except for Langkawi and Labuan
5. The service job coverage is suggested at minimal replacement. The replacement may vary/alter based on user driving habits and car conditions.
6. Prices of parts and items are subject to change without any prior notice. Any parts and services updates mentioned may subject to additional charges.
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