Previewed: MG ZS EV – Compact EV SUV With 320 KM Range, From RM129,000

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Thoriq Azmi | 28-02-2024 03:30 PM
web_MG-Malaysia_preview_official_-6.jpgAlso set to enter the Malaysian EV marketspace alongside the MG4 EV is the MG ZS EV all-electric compact crossover.

Besides the MG4 EV range, SAIC Motor Malaysia also took the opportunity to preview a second MG Motor model to join alongside which – the MG ZS EV. Unlike the MG4 EV, the ZS EV has been around for a bit, and you can trace its beginning all the way back to 2017.

web_MG-ZS_-17.jpgweb_MG-ZS_-19.jpgIn terms of size and dimensions, the MG ZS EV conforms to typical B-segment SUV sizes - it's roughly similar as the Perodua Ativa on this front.
web_MG-ZS_-5.jpgJust one variant was previewed, which pack a 51.1 kWh battery size.

Previewed locally recently is the latest ZS EV model that’s based on the face-lifted 2021 model year version of the ICE-powered ZS model MG offers in other markets. MG positions the ZS EV as a B-segment crossover, and its dimensions are fitting of which.

As far as size goes, the MG ZS EV sits slightly longer and wider than the Perodua Ativa – it measures 4,323 MM long with a 2,581 MM wheelbase, 1,809 MM wide, and 1,625 MM tall. And like the Ativa, the ZS EV’s SUV styling aspirations are evidently clear.


The 51.1 kWh battery mentioned can be charged via a front-mounted charging port that accepts 7 kW AC or up to 50 kW DC charging inputs.

Just one variant was previewed locally, and it’s the one primed with a 51.1 kWh battery pack that juices a front-mounted e-motor that drives the front wheels (FWD) with 176 PS (130 KW) and 280 NM. Altogether, the setup enables 0-100 KM/H dashes in about 8 seconds.

As for range and charging, the MG ZS EV falls a tad short on these fronts compared to its swankier MG4 EV sibling, but we reckon this simply boils down to its platform’s age. Starting with range, MG claims the ZS EV will do as far as 320 KM (WLTP) with each full charge.

At its most basic, the ZS EV’s battery accepts 7 KW AC charging input, which sees full re-charges (0-100%) done in 8 hours. DC charging, on the other hand, is capped at just 50 kW, and this sees 10-80% re-charges done in 54 minutes. It’s also worth noting that the charging port is mounted up front.

web_MG-ZS_-16.jpgweb_MG-ZS_-3.jpgDistinct styling touches include the 'Silverstone' all-LED headlights and 'Phantom' LED taillights, striking two-tone alloy wheels, as well as the addition of a class-leading panoramic glass sunroof.

Key styling touches include distinct ‘Silverstone’ LED headlights powered by 21-individual LED units, matched with ‘Phantom’ LED taillights, its massive yet shuttered grille, as well as equally distinct two-tone alloy wheels primed on each corner.

On board, the MG ZS EV is respectably well-furnished as it features a 7-inch digital meter panel display, an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen, automatic climate control with rear vents, wireless charging pad, as well as a class-leading panoramic glass sunroof.

web_MG-ZS_-15.jpgweb_MG-ZS_-12.jpgweb_MG-ZS_-11.jpgNotable key features primed on board include an 8-inch digital meter panel, touchscreen infotainment, automatic climate control with rear vents, as well as a wireless charging pad.

In terms of luggage space, MG claims the ZS EV’s standard boot space to measure up to 448 litres. This can be expanded significantly up to 1,187 litres thanks to split-folding rear seat benches.

Crucially, the MG ZS EV share roughly the same arsenal of active driver assistance (ADAS) features as seen in the MG4 EV through the MG Pilot suite primed.

web_MG-ZS_-13.jpgNoteworthy too is the fact that the MG ZS EV for Malaysia will come primed with the MG Pilot ADAS suite that grants Level 2 semi-autonomous driving abilities.

This adds forward collision warning and prevention (FCW & AEB), lane-departure warning and -keeping assist (LDW & LKA), blind-spot monitor (BSD), adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane-change assist (LCA), traffic jam assist (TJA), as well as rear cross-traffic alert (RCTA).

Set to enter the local market concurrently with the MG4 EV, the MG ZS EV is tentatively priced from RM129,000. Said price is set to include MG’s standard 7-year or 150,000 KM vehicle warranty plus a separate 8-year or 180,000 KM EV battery warranty coverage.

So what do you folks reckon then? Will you be tempted by this left-field EV compact crossover SUV alternative? As usual, share your take on things in the comments section below, as well as our social media pages…


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